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NO1. of Specialized steel tube manufacturer - The leading specialized steel tube manufacturer

The First partner - First in Korea to establish a one-stop production line for seamless steel pipes

1ST localization - First to localize various core components and materials

能動人 - Exemplary global company with the trust of customers

Global Company leader - Nurturing talented individuals with enterprising spirit and creative thinking

Products - ILJIN Electric is the driving force of Korea, reaching out to the world

Drill Rod

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ILJIN Steel is fully capable of producing drilling rods in both cold-drawn seamless and cold-drawn welded varieties.

All raw materials used in producing drilling rods are sourced and made in Korea. Differentiating itself in the market, ILJIN Steel is a seamless mill that uses its own hollows for cold-drawn process. Our materials used in manufacturing drilling rods are pressure-resistant to 5,000 meters deep and deliver outstanding performance in the field.



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