iljin steel

  • KMAR ISO/TS16949
  • KMAR ISO14001
  • KAB

NO1. of Specialized steel tube manufacturer - The leading specialized steel tube manufacturer

The First partner - First in Korea to establish a one-stop production line for seamless steel pipes

1ST localization - First to localize various core components and materials

能動人 - Exemplary global company with the trust of customers

Global Company leader - Nurturing talented individuals with enterprising spirit and creative thinking

Products - ILJIN Electric is the driving force of Korea, reaching out to the world

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ILJIN Steel provides tubes and pipes serving the power generation industry where critically high temperatures and pressures necessitate rigorous quality standards.

ILJIN Steel manufactures various carbon and alloy steel tubes and pipes in accordance with EN and ASTM standards.
ILJIN Steel offers a broad range of high-quality hot-finished and cold-finished tubes and pipes for power generation applications. Tubes and pipes are made in random lengths from 3 to 28m and fixed lengths upon customer request.




※ For detailed product specifications, please check the catalog.


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