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NO1. of Specialized steel tube manufacturer - The leading specialized steel tube manufacturer

The First partner - First in Korea to establish a one-stop production line for seamless steel pipes

1ST localization - First to localize various core components and materials

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OCTG - Drill Pipe

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  • OCTG - Drill Pipe의 사진 1
  • OCTG - Drill Pipe의 사진 2
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  • OCTG - Drill Pipe의 사진 썸네일 0
  • OCTG - Drill Pipe의 사진 썸네일 1
  • OCTG - Drill Pipe의 사진 썸네일 2
OCTG refers to steel pipes used in the extraction of natural gas, oil and rig drilling.

The drill pipe delivers a rotational movement of the ground drills attached to the bottom end of the excavation equipment and injects water for cooling. ILJIN Steel has supplied high quality Drill Pipes of a wide range of specifications to meet customer’s requirements including API. We are recognized for the high reliability and quality of our products in oil- and gas-drilling sites worldwide.




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